Why is is this step needed ?

  • Because you haven’t used the quickstart procedure to install pre-built executables.
  • Because you want to build everything from source or for a different O/S version.
  • Because you don’t trust binaries.

What is it used for ?

  • The bare-metal boot loader and test programs require a newlib based flow.
  • The Linux kernel and BBL requires a bare-metal flow.
  • You might want to build custom software from source on the workstation.

Build the bare-metal RISCV toolchain (slow, but see quickstart procedure to see if build is necessary)

cd $TOP/rocket-chip/riscv-tools/
bash ./build.sh
cd $TOP/rocket-chip/riscv-tools/riscv-gnu-toolchain/build
../configure --prefix=$RISCV
make -j$(nproc) linux

Proceed to the next step as follows: