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Second RISC-V Workshop: Day One

The second RISC-V workshop is going on today and tomorrow in Berkeley, California. I’ll be keeping a semi-live blog of talks and announcements throughout the day. Introductions and welcome: Krste Asanović The beginning of Krste’s talk will be familiar for anyone who’s seen an introduction to RISC-V before. Pleasingly, there are a lot of new faces here at the workshop so the introduction of course makes a lot of sense.

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Summer of Code students for lowRISC

lowRISC was fortunate enough to be chosen as a mentoring organisation in this year’s Google Summer of Code. The Google Summer of Code program funds students to work on open source projects over the summer. We had 52 applications across the range of project ideas we’ve been advertising. As you can see from the range of project ideas, lowRISC is taking part as an umbrella organisation, working with a number of our friends in the wider open source software and hardware community.

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lowRISC tagged memory preview release

We’re pleased to announce the first lowRISC preview release, demonstrating support for tagged memory as described in our memo. Our ambition with lowRISC is to provide an open-source System-on-Chip platform for others to build on, along with low-cost development boards featuring a reference implementation. Although there’s more work to be done on the tagged memory implementation, now seemed a good time to document what we’ve done in order for the wider community to take a look.

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