We are looking for a talented hardware engineer to join the lowRISC team and help make our vision for an open source, secure, and flexible SoC a reality. Apply now!

lowRISC C.I.C. is a not-for-profit company that aims to demonstrate, promote and support the use of open-source hardware. The lowRISC project was established in 2014 with the aim of bringing the benefits of open-source to the hardware world. It is working to do this by producing a high quality, secure, open, and flexible System-on-Chip (SoC) platform. lowRISC C.I.C. also provides hardware and software services to support the growing RISC-V ecosystem. Our expertise includes the LLVM Compiler, hardware security extensions and RISC-V tools, hardware and processor design.

The successful candidate will be interested in computer architecture and hardware design. The primary focus of the role will be the development of the lowRISC SoC platform, which will involve work to evaluate and extend our current design including our general-purpose tagged-memory system. lowRISC is an ambitious project with a small core team, so you will be heavily involved in the project’s development direction. This role will involve frequent work with external contributors and collaborators. While much of the work will be at the hardware level the post will offer experience of the full hardware/software stack, higher-level simulation tools and architectural design issues.

Some practical experience of hardware design with a HDL such as Verilog/SystemVerilog is essential, as is a good knowledge of the HW/SW stack. Ideally, candidates will also have experience or demonstrated interest in some of: SoC design, large-scale open source development, hardware or software security, technical documentation, board support package development and driver development. Industrial experience and higher degree levels are valued, but we would be happy to consider an enthusiastic recent graduate with a strong academic record.

Informal enquires should be made to Alex Bradbury asb@lowrisc.org.

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lowRISC is a not-for-profit company using collaborative engineering to develop and maintain open source silicon designs and tools, through a unique combination of skills, expertise and vision.

We provide a home for multi-partner projects that deliver verified, high quality IP and tools, which provide the solid foundations that are necessary for the rapid development cycles required for next generation silicon products. lowRISC employs an engineering team in Cambridge, UK, working on our own developments, partner projects, and work-for-hire that is aligned with our mission.


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