Interested in trying out the recently announced OpenTitan? We’ve put together a video that goes through an overview of how the OpenTitan prototype system is put together and how to get up and running with our pre-built release (providing simulator binaries and pre-built FPGA images for the Nexys Video Artix-7 board). It follows the steps from the OpenTitan Quickstart Guide.

You can find out more about OpenTitan from our announcement blog and the OpenTitan website.

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lowRISC is a not-for-profit company using collaborative engineering to develop and maintain open source silicon designs and tools, through a unique combination of skills, expertise and vision.

We provide a home for multi-partner projects that deliver verified, high quality IP and tools, which provide the solid foundations that are necessary for the rapid development cycles required for next generation silicon products. lowRISC employs an engineering team in Cambridge, UK, working on our own developments, partner projects, and work-for-hire that is aligned with our mission.

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