Configuration parameters

The default configuration parameters are listed in the table below. All configuration parameters are located in src/scala/main/Configs.scala.

Further details on how to parameterize Rocket Chip can be found here (note that now lowRISC has its own chip generator). A manual describing the advanced parameter library within Chisel is also available.

DescriptionParameter NameDefault ValuePossible Value (a)
No. of Rocket tilesNTILES1a > 0
No. of MSHRS in L1 D$L1D_MSHRS2a > 0
No. of sets in L1 D$L1D_SETS64a > 0, power of 2
No. of ways in L1 D$L1D_WAYS4a > 0, power of 2
No. of sets in L1 I$L1I_SETS64a > 0, power of 2
No. of ways in L1 I$L1I_WAYS4a > 0, power of 2
Size of BTBNBTBEntries62a > 0
No. of trackers in L2$L2_XACTORS2a > 0
No. of sets in L2$L2_SETS256a > 0, power of 2
No. of ways in L2$L2_WAYS8a > 0, power of 2
No. of banks in L2$NBANKS1a > 0, power of 2
Instantiate FPU?BuildFPUtruetrue/false
No. of memory sectionsNMemSections20 < a <= 4
Initial memory baseInitMemBase0x00000000
Initial memory maskInitMemMask0x7FFFFFFF
Initial physical memory baseInitPhyBase0x00000000
No. of I/O sectionsNIOSections20 < a <= 4
Initial I/O baseInitIOBase0x80000000
Initial I/O maskInitIOMask0x0FFFFFFF