Rocket chip overview

An overview of Berkeley’s RISC-V “Rocket Chip” SoC Generator can be found here.

A high-level view of the rocket chip is shown below. The design contains multiple Rocket tiles consisting of a Rocket core and L1 instruction and data caches. Our tagged memory implementation inserts a tag cache before the main memory interface. Our tagged memory additions are described in detail here.


The host-target interface (HTIF) provides a FIFO interface between the ARM PS and RISC-V systems. Two communication registers (fromhost, tohost) are provided in CSR space (Control and Status Registers) for this purpose. The HTIF allows the host to load binaries, access memory and CSRs and service syscalls for peripheral device emulation.

Coherence between the private L1 caches is maintained with the assistance of the “coherence managers”. Requests are interleaved across a number of coherence managers at the granularity of cache lines. Each coherence manager contains a number of transaction “trackers” and can manage numerous outstanding transactions (or cache misses). A MI, MSI or MESI coherence protocol may be selected.

Communication between the Rocket tiles and coherence managers uses the TileLink protocol. The protocol defines a number of independent transaction channels, the prioritization of channels (to avoid deadlock) and their format. TileLink helps to isolate the design of the coherence protcol from that of the physical networks and cache controlllers.

Default configuration parameters

The default configuration parameters are listed in the table below. All configuration parameters are located in src/scala/main/PublicConfigs.scala.

Further details on how to parameterize Rocket Chip can be found here. A manual describing the advanced parameter library within Chisel is also available.

DescriptionParameter NameDefault ValuePossible ValueNotes
No. of Rocket tilesNTILES1>0
No. of banksNBANKS1>0, power of 2
No. of sets in L1DL1D_SETS128>0, power of 2
No. of ways in L1DL1D_WAYS4>0, power of 2
No. of sets in L1IL1I_SETS128>0, power of 2
No. of ways in L1IL1I_WAYS2>0, power of 2
Size of data TLBNDTLBEntries8>0, power of 2
Size of instr TLBNITLBEntries8>0, power of 2
Size of BTBNBTBEntries62>0
No. of trackers in coherence managerL2_ACQ_XACTS7>0
Instantiate FPU?BuildFPUSome(() => Module(new FPU))Set to None to disable
Coherence protocolCoherencenew MSICoherence()=>new(NullRepresentation)MI, MEI, MSI, MESI