This page is an index to documentation for our 64-bit RISC-V SoC platform. We’ll be refreshing with further pointers to documentation for our other projects.

These SoC platform code releases and documentation have the aim of easing the path of new users and students, providing a robust tested platform for research into computer architecture, and conforming to a license model which is compatible with commercial research and development as well as IC manufacture. The current release is:

All releases are available here

What is included

Here you can find selected software and hardware IP which works together to produce an (almost) fully open-source computer system, consisting of:

Quick Start

As the source distribution is large, effort has been put into to making an easy-to-use quickstart procedure. This procedure does not require a huge amount of prior knowledge.

Getting started breakdown

The latest release has the instructions broken down by topic, instead of the release specific documentation that was included previously.

Other content

Our first memo describes our vision for tagged memory and minion cores in lowRISC.