OpenTitan at One Year

Last year, along with our partners, lowRISC announced OpenTitan, the world’s first open source silicon root of trust. The project has progressed rapidly since then. A recent Google Security Blog post detailed key milestones met, our growth in contributors, and revealed news of the first commercial OpenTitan tapeout.

OpenTitan’s success demonstrates the value of the lowRISC collaborative engineering model, wherein our full-stack engineering team allows us to serve as an essential development hub. Our governance support, open source expertise, and engineering contributions, enable us to provide a healthy environment for the development of high quality silicon design and verification IP that solves real-world problems.

You can see this collaborative approach in practice with such blocks as the AES accelerator, and the Ibex processor core at OpenTitan’s heart. These were developed in close collaboration with our partners using the same shared engineering methodology that all lowRISC projects follow to build high quality IP: structured development stages and review processes, our comportable IP framework and adherence to strict coding and style guidelines.

We’re excited about OpenTitan’s future. It lays the foundation for critical security infrastructure to be built upon an open, trustworthy technology, and provides a pathfinder model for successful open source silicon development to drive widespread adoption and use.