A birthday present for lowRISC: We won an OpenUK Award!

lowRISC's 2020 OpenUK Award

On October 20th, lowRISC CIC won in the Open Hardware category at the 2020 OpenUK Awards, describing lowRISC as “the jewel in the crown of the UK’s open silicon companies”. The OpenUK awards promote “UK Leadership in Open Technology”, and are given out by OpenUK, a UK-based not-for-profit company which supports open source collaboration and open technologies within the United Kingdom.

On receiving the award, lowRISC CTO, Alex Bradbury, said “We’re incredibly grateful to have been recognised for our achievements and contributions to date. Six years into our journey, it’s a fantastic time to reflect on and thank the many people helping to make our vision for open source silicon a reality - our community of contributors, project partners, and the growing lowRISC team.”

What a great present to receive on the occasion of lowRISC’s 6th Birthday! It doesn’t seem too long ago we were celebrating our 5th birthday but what a year it has been. The pioneering open silicon project OpenTitan has had its public launch, we’ve moved to a great new office, hired new staff and are making fantastic progress on OpenTitan, Ibex and LLVM.

We’ve had our heads down working hard, so haven’t been writing about our work as much as we’d like but we’ll be getting a larger update out soon. In the meantime, you can always see what we’re up to on our GitHub Repositories and contribute yourself.

Don’t forget we’re actively hiring, so if you want to get involved in our work full time take a look at our Jobs Page.